Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not dead? (Yet. . . . MUAHAHAHAHAHA)

GAH! I haven't posted in. . . a long time. Ummm. Yes. Life is quite uneventful. And there isn't much to write about. Which is probably why we have no followers. I'm a genius for figuring that out, right?
. . . fine then. Ignore me.
I bet my valentine's day was more pathetic than yours. I spent it playing Monopoly. Oh yes, I know. So very sexy. You're probably hyperventilating at the idea of how steamy it was.
And then President's Day. I don't know about you, but my school gives us like a whole week off for that holiday. And I'm always tremendously sick during that week. Last year I had appendicitis, so I was in the hospital recovering from surgery. This year I had some weird thing that was probably the result of MS knocking up the flu. . . .
There's an interesting mental image.
So yes, I know you are all devastated that Vivi and I did not do a collab post, but we were much too busy stuffing our faces with food (delicious food O.O . . . ), trying on ridiculously expensive dresses, and wasting our time watching movies to bother ourselves with it. Perhaps we will do one when we get together this summer. . . ? We shall see!
I am currently reading Frankenstein by the delightful Mary Shelley. I am glad she wrote this, because I don't think I could stand reading anything she had to say about herself. She is modest to a painful degree, and whenever you hear her on herself or her works, you really just want to stick a pistol in your mouth. Or hers. But seeing as she's dead, there could be some issues there.
I mean, it's somewhat understandable, what with her parents being famous. . . mathematicians? Scientists? Maybe one mathematician and one scientist? Or was one a writer? MOVING ON. Anyway,  her parents were really famous, and then her husband pretty much invented romantic French poetry, so I guess that would make you somewhat modest. . . . Still, it's a little sickening.
Oh, and the person who wrote the footnotes for it SUCKS. She gives away parts of it. If there's any mystery at all, she like blows it by sticking the answers at the bottom of the page.
I'm also reading The Shining by the (in)famous Stephen King. I don't like his hair. Which is obviously a reflection on his writing abilities. No, I love his writing, you can really hear the nineteenth century writers creeping in. Stalkers.
Kay, I have nothing more to say really. Sorry you had to sit through this, if you did indeed sit through it.
Ciao e ti amo,

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  1. Hey, us hanging out on Valentine's day playing monopoly WAS steamy! I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. D: