Monday, January 4, 2010

Sicilians, ..., and ... OH MY!

I know how chronically depressed all of you plentiful followers are that Anna and I did not do a collab post.  Yes she was here in... New York City. (not suburb of ... nope, nope, nope) ("nope, nope, nope"? What the HELL was that)  What's beeping... did I light something on fire?) For.... approximately five days.  I know ONLY EFFIN' FIVE DAYS.  How sad.  Don't worry, we had plentiful amounts of pizza.  If you are EVER in the city.  You MUST try these places (all Sicilian, I am of Napoleon decent... I think Anna is, too... but that doesn't mean we can't honor Sicilian food.. and waiters who are too adorable...)

Per Bacco
Cacio e Vino (80 Second Ave., New York, NY 10003
nr. 4th St, the website sort of failed on my computer... so there is just the address)
Voloce Pizzeria

I'm sorry, that is all for now.  But, hey.  They are all three unbelievably scrumptious.  So, if your ever in the city, lovely followers, don't hesitate to go to any of them.  There is a lot of Italian in the East Village area... like on second and sixth far east area...

I have to watch Carrie and A Nightmare on Elm Street... I recently watched "La Vita è Bella" the one with Roberto Benigni.  The one he one the oscar for.  ("Life is Beautiful").  It was incredible.  A lot of critics said it wasn't possible, and reading the summary I agreed but thought it might still be good.  But when I saw the movie it is actually a lot more deep and... bella.  Than you would expect.  The beginning doesn't have much to do with the rest, but I think it serves as a nice introduction.  Life is Beautiful (english title) La Vita è Bella.  You must see it.  Well, I'm off! Without spellcheck...

Ti amo e ciao,


January 7, 2010       12:05 am

Ah!  Sorry!  Forgot the title... um.  Can't think of a quote right now.  This will have to suffice.  Have you watched the five awesome gays youtube?  WHY NOT?!  To forth! ... to forth?  Well go!

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