Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Conquest! She was just another conquest, didn't care who's heart was broke, love to him was a joke, until he looked into her eyes..." -The White Stripes, Conquest

Definitely the longest blogging hiatus.  This post is much more for me than the readers.  I think my inner bloggers have come to the consensus that no one is reading this blog.  I now realize the probable reasons this blog is so unsuccessful.  Firstly,  Anna and I are only fourteen and amateur writers with little life experience, but more importantly this blog's lack of focus.  It really isn't about... anything.  The title of this blog reflects this rather perfectly.  I now, like to think that my writing style has matured.  Perhaps I'll proofread this post better.  I never notice how plentiful my mistakes were in past posts.  I must, however, thank those three or four people who commented, on Anna's post, typically, mine were rejected.  We, or perhaps just I now, appreciate your reading anything on this page.  Okay, enough with my pathetic introduction.

Oh, and the fact that there are millions of blogs out there, some marvelous, that won't be found with concentrated effort.

Shall we move on?

I think this is my first title that has that has quoted a song.  (No, that's not true.  Well, quoted a song related to pop-culture.  Okay, maybe the White Stripes aren't pop-culture.  Let's just say a song not related to musical theatre.) Perhaps I have not mentioned this in past posts,  I am a huge White Stripes fan.  As in, I only listen to them. (plus classic rock and classical music.  Yeah, the only pathetic thing about me is my intro... right.)  Anna doesn't like them.  But she's a horrible person.  (Not really).  If you haven't before, my dearest fans,  listen to them.  Jack White is just brilliant.  Or "a god" in my friend's words.  Claiming Jack to be a leader of the heavens may be a slight overstatement of Jack's magnificence, but he is still wondrously wonderful.  (Did I mention I noticed my excessive use of the word "brilliant"?  If I get back into this I really ought to cut back.  Not sure "wondrously wonderful" is much better.)  

Good Lord I use a lot of parentheses.

Ooh, I just had a thought.  But no, blogging about school is not smart.  I won't.  This blog could be so interesting if I just wrote all my school stories.  Oh, High School is quite the fascinating world.  

If you hadn't guessed by the signature stream of conscious writing, it isn't Anna.

I shall be finished with this post now.  Before I type something regretful.

Amore e Cannoli,


P.S.  I really should have with a pen name before starting this blog.  Perhaps today or tomorrow I shall go back and change that.  If you have only read this blog BEFORE you might have known our real names.  Nice.

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