Thursday, December 17, 2009

"That son of a bitch cut me off!" - Maverick, Top Gun

Hey... there... fellow bloggers!  Followers... friends... Okay, as you can clearly see, well.. see?  Read... tell... Um.  I'm not feeling TOO bright today.  All is new is I DID see An Education... like two weeks ago. (has it really been that long?!?!?!)  It was truly, stunning.  I would without a doubt recommend it.  Okay... so.  Recently I've been watching a lot of movies (I KNOW what your thinking, no I don't care if as Anna pointed out that sounds stalkerish, "That's new?")  Well, an ESPECIAL lot.  You know the list of "500 Must-See Movies"?  Well, you do now.  I have it taped up onto my wall and have 73... no.. 74 down.  Just watched "Top Gun", um, no comment on that movie.  Tom Cruise is just SO GOOD at ... playing Tom Cruise.  Though the plans did entertain me slightly.  Needed a nice extremely 80's movie after It's A Wonderful Life.  As amazing as It's A Wonderful Life is... okay, I'm done.  Just felt like I owed it to ALL YOU LOYAL FOLLOWERS (hint, PLEASE follow us if your reading this!!!) to blog.  Or maybe just to Anna... hem.  Well!

Oh, and Anna.  Journalism is Schizophrenia?  Isn't that what THIS BLOGGING HERE IS?  Because... well no one really reads this.. (if you do, we don't know!  As you never comment or follow us, okay)

OH!  I forgot the title!  Right!  I think it sums up all of our feelings about life, especially around these joyous holidays.  I'm really sorry for putting you through this post, it is VERY spazzmic... Hem.  I promise whenever I blog again it will be something that has NOTHING TO DO with movies.  Well, maybe a paragraph about movies.......

Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Jakwanza(don't ask), whatever you celebrate! or just

Buon Natale a Tutti,


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  1. Top gun was fairly good in my opinion. And... um... What else did I say on fb? Oh yah. Merry happy Christmahanukwansaka. ;)