Friday, December 25, 2009

BLECH. That is all.

Hello,  no one. I'm NOT going to bitch about my hair. I refuse. I am currently in Pennsylvania (not telling you where, though, you  48 year old perv who is stalking Vivioletta for her amazing blog sexiness. . . (not sure what that has to do with where in PA I am but. . .)). Tomorrow I get to see VIVI! I know you're all very excited, but please keep the girlish bouncing around excitedly to a minimum. . . . and yes, that includes you 48 year olds living in your moms' basements (we all know you're transsexuals with pigtails tied with floppy bows anyway. . . (what did that have to do with anything?? (I'm just kind of that way today I guess. . . ))) . . . Woah. That was epic. Triple parenthesis. (Stop licking the screen, you weirdos.)
ANYWAY, maybe Vivi and I will get a profile picture of us for this thing. Is that like exposing ourselves to you guys licking the screen? Well I don't know. I feel so bad that people have to misfortune to come across this post. It is epically sad. Hm. WHAT DID YOU GET FOR CHRISTMAS? Never mind, I don't care. I'd probably rather not know, considering that you start licking your dirty computer screen just because you witnessed the amazing sexiness of triple parenthesis. I don't want to know what you'd give to a person like that. Not that I have anything against you, I just don't think you look all that good in plaid. Well that came out of nowhere. You're so jealous though. And I don't do drugs. I get high off of hugs and LURV. But not pot. Or marijuana. Or speed. Or anything else like that. And I haven't had a hug since I left hell. The people in hell can get very hug-y. Just watch out or you'll get RAPE'd. Vivi, you better not delete this post.
Once you stop licking the screen and wearing plaid, I will put up some pictures that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE HAIR COLOR I WANT TO GET BUT MY GETTING IT HAS CURRENTLY BEEN DELAYED BY THE STUPIDITY OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD AND CHEESECAKE. So don't say that it does. Because you're wrong. Lal fo uoy. (If you can read that, you're cool. Or dyslexic.)

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  1. So, creepily enough, I had licked the computer screen when seeing your triple parenthesis,
    (just in awe, I assure you. You are the only one who could ever pull that off) and you then stated that I shouldn't lick the screen and must be a fourty year old transvestite. I can not accept or deny that.
    What I got for Christmas is:
    Plaid purple pants. (Which I look very good in thank you very little!)
    Supernatural Seasons 1-3
    An electronic drum set
    A PS3
    A couple movies
    A lot of chocolate
    A couple video games
    A t-shirt
    Shower stuffs
    And a very fantabolous L doll (That has succeeded in making the world record of being raped the most times. (Although I think the last time it didn't count... he seemed to like it))
    Oh gawd I talk as much as you do!