Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Shopping. . . FTW

Okies, so this blog is a request from my tutor. Actually, it was a way of getting out of writing this in class. But whatever.
Kay, I'm supposed to formulate an opinion on Christmas shopping. . . hmmm. Truth is, I couldn't care less. I mean, what's with the hype? You go out, you get Starbucks gift cards for a list of people that you haven't talked to for about a year and most likely won't talk to until next Christmas. Well, at least Vivi would get them Starbucks gift cards. That's her default. . .  Shhhh. . . *ahem* Anyways, my point is. . . . uh. . . . never mind, I don't have a point. It just seems kind of melodramatic and unnecessary to make such a big deal out of it. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love to shop. Lots of people like to shop. And I get why people like an excuse to buy stuff. But does it have to get so crazy when you actually have a purpose for shopping? I don't think so.
Oops. I think I just formulated an opinion. Kind of. Maybe. . . ? Hmm, I think it's good enough. Well, since I made all our avid readers sit threw a school paper thing, I'll throw in some badassical pictures:

 ^ Hey look! It's the economy! ^


(If you can't read this, the first box says

Bella: Like, hi! My name is Bella and I'm a special and unique snowflake and I'm so pretty and nerds are so lame! Also, all the teachers and students at school think I'm sooo awesome!

Second Box

Edward: Hi, I am Edward and I am a vampire. I have no personality and you and I are void of any kind of actual chemistry.
Bella: Ooo. You're pretty! We should be in love! Let us frolic!
Edward: Okay.

Third Box

. . . .

Fourth Box

Random Ex-Twilight Fan: Okay, Father? I lit the movie on fire, but I don't think that did the trick. I can feel it. . . watching. . . Look, would you please just come over and exorcise the thing!? -Please? )

Haha, kay, hope I'm forgiven now. Loooooove you! *ahem* I mean, Ti amo, mi amore. . . s. . . ?


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