Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Do I go for the guy without the shirt or the guy with the lipstick? What does my gut tell me? The one who doesn't fret for lack of clothes or the one with the lighted vanity who lives with a family of salon stylists? What would Liza Minnelli do?" - Mark Ramsey on New Moon, Movie

Am I blogging?  Yes I'm blogging!  Because I know how much all you dedicated fans and followers out there missed me.  This week I will, yes I know an anomaly (no I did NOT look up how to spell that... well, right at this moment anyway) be stealing Anna's topic.  Well for the first half of this blog anyway.  I understand internet safety.  I mean if you have a name like mine you probably shouldn't give it out over the internet along with your tiny (incredibly over populated) state.  But, hey.  Italians are those whom overpopulate this state (as well as the Jews, both the cause of our fabulous delis) so maybe I can give away my first name.  Or maybe Violetta isn't even my name!  Regardless.  This is going to get off topic anyway.  So why don't I just bluntly break it off right now.  Mmm... deli.  OKAY.   Won't go down that road now.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  You know what, won't go down that road either.  I've decided to host an Italian feast every Thanksgiving to rebel against the Americans!  Columbus WAS Italian, so it does actually hold some sense.  Lasagna instead of turkey now that's nice progress if I would... you know what.  Let's talk about my next topic.

I watched (yes, I am pathetic and lack a life)  An Affair to Remember (I did cry, Cary Grant is the pinnacle of every woman's fantasy. Well, just killer-classy), Hollywood Hotel (just, happy), and To Catch a Theif (again, Cary Grant.  And Grace Kelly.)  They were all three incredible classics.  I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend them all.

Movies is the next subject.  What else?  Did you expect ME to make progress. Your all dying, I'm sure *ha. Sarcasm*, to read about New Moon.  The quote of this post, mixing it up with a critic.  I love that quote.  That quote perfectly defines the conflict of New Moon and Eclipse. I haven't seen it, and refuse to donate my scarce funds to assist employ Kristen Stewart and her unbearable acting.  Yes Taylor Lautner, too. Robert Pattinson, I hate his personality he is a conceited bastard who thinks himself modest making me hate him more, but his acting is not half that bad.  Not the next Cary Grant or even Johnny Depp (who is either?) but I can sit through a scene of his.  I might see it when it comes out on DVD, but I'll throw popcorn at it likely damaging my lovely 1985 TV (yes, I swear 1985 or earlier).  Though, I am dying to see "An Education"  I'm going to see it as well as "The Boat that Rocked" (Pirate Radio), again.  An Education got like 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and from my observation they have the tendency to be slight harsh.  I can't believe Old Dogs managed to secure only 6%.  I haven't seen it, but you think Robin Williams and John Travolta would save it from being a complete disaster.  Very few movies I've seen have received clear F's. 

Well, on another note.  As much as Pirate Radio exploited women (like most all modern movies), it was still an incredibly hilarious well acted British phenomenon, in my mind.  I am in love with British humor, and the British themselves for that matter, and then you throw in Phillip Seymour Hoffman and I'm sold.  I love him so much.  But definitely get to the theaters to see this one.  If you hate the plot close your eyes and listen to the music.  Oh god the music.  Is. So. Amazing.  An Education just looks really good and, again, British, and witty and every review I read said Carey Mulligan was without a doubt a find and her acting ability proves she may be the new Kate Winslet. (No one can really be that amazing, but we'll see)

No I have not seen Where the Wild Things Are.  Cut me some slack here.  Is it even still in theaters?

Okay.  I'm done.  An Education will be the topic of my next blog, I've become more of a movie review columnist on Anna's blog now haven't I?  Maybe just some dork who values parentheses and italics much too much.

Toodle-loo.  (No?  Too much?)

Ti amo e Ciao,


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