Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blindess in our Society

I'M NOT DEAD. Haha, I've beaten Vivi to the topic! (I'm surprised we haven't done this yet. . . the pun is coming later. . .) Men! (Haha, get it? Haven't done men yet? Cause it's like – okay, never mind. I thought it was funny.) BUT WAIT! Before you click out of this window because you think that this is just going to be a continuos flow of fangirl estrogen about how amazingly sexy all these actors are (which they aren't), you are wrong! MUAHAHAHAHA– sorry. This is actually a list of REALLY FREAKING OVERRATED celebrities! (And why I think so). And they aren't all even men! Enjoy!
  • Matthew McConaughey. Okay, one, he is a terrible actor. Two, he isn't even all that cute, ESPECIALLY when he's blonde. Ugh. Ick. Gross. *shudders* Moving on! Three, he doesn't bathe (courtesy of Daphney for this disturbing fact). No joke. I mean, don't you think someone with SO many chick flick roles would have the common sense to worry a little about personal hygiene? Really. (I would also like to note that on almost every single article I've looked at regarding overrated actors, this man's name appears, so I am NOT alone in my opinion).
  • Jim Carrey. Alright, he's got some funny stuff, but have you ever watched a movie that he starred in and thought, "Didn't I see the same character in the last movie?"? Because I have. Multiple times. If you've ever seen The Shining, once Jack went crazy, the only thing stopping me from honestly believing Jim Carrey had shot the rest of the movie was the fact that he was probably in his late teens, early twenties at that time it was made.  
  • Disney Channel-based celebrities in general. That includes the infamous Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, etc. Not only are they horrible actors, but they decide that since they can "act", they can obviously become wonderful singers. And some of us believe them. This is especially infuriating to me since I know of a few professionally trained singers who can't make a dime, no matter how talented they are. And these "talented young stars" can make millions off of people's ignorance. Ugh! It just makes me so angry!!
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger. Okay, so maybe he is freakishly entertaining to watch, but it does get old. I mean, how far can you get with enormous muscles and a funny accent (no offense to all those Austrians reading this)? Total Recall was an OK story line, but it went in the wrong direction, and, let's face it, Arnold sucked. Terminator is, well, Terminator, but I don't think that he should've made it this far. The only thing he's really good for is Saturday Night Live material (Hanz and Franz, yah). 
  • Orlando Bloom is really adorable, but he is a pretty bad actor. I mean, Johnny Depp crushed him in Pirates of the Caribbean, and Viggo Mortensen (sp?) in Lord of the Rings. I think he might need to give it up.
  • Jessica Alba. She's not even hot anymore. What's the point?
  • How do I hate Justin Bieber? Let me count the ways. Okay one, he is FIFTEEN. He needs to stop taking himself so seriously. Two, he sucks. He is no good at lyrics OR singing. Three, elaborating on my opinion on his singing, I would have to say he sounds like a prepubescent transsexual wannabe Justin Timberlake. And that, my friend, is a lot of adjectives.
  • Dakota Fanning. That girl. Ooooooh. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate that girl. I know you're not supposed to hate people when you don't even know them, but, oh god, I can't help it. I won't go into detail, as I have been trying to censor this blog, but suffice it to say that I think she must be one of the worst actresses I have ever seen.
  • Paris Hilton. 'Nuff said.
  • Alicia Keys cannot sing. For the life of her. Her music actually makes me feel suicidal. And I doubt that was the intention. I do not know what gives her the impression that she can act, either.
  • Cameron Diaz. So The Holiday was an awesome movie, no matter what you say. (Vivi agrees.) But she really isn't a good actress. Every time I hear her voice I think of Fiona from Shrek. And her Southern accent in The Box sucked almost as much as the movie. She sounded like she was trying (and failing) to do a British accent. And I am almost too scared to see what she did to My Sister's Keeper, which was an amazing book, but I doubt the movie will be any good. Vivi and I are going to see it this Christmas. . . 
  • Megan Fox. I honestly do not care what all the testosterone driven boys I hang out with think. She is the epitome of overrated. Sure, she's sexy, but really, she kind of makes me want to kill myself.
  • Robert Pattinson. Okay, iffy actor, stupid person. Reeeeeeaaaalllly. With all the hype Twilight's getting (which it soooo doesn't deserve all the publicity it's getting), it's no wonder he's famous now, but still. Some of his more unheard of stuff is actually okay, but Twilight. . . ? Ugh, let's just say romance is not his forté. . . I'm done, I promise!
I could go on for days and days and days and days and days and. . . I think you get the idea. But I will not! Because I luuuuuuurv you! Okay! For now I will say arrivederci e ti amo!



  1. I love youuu! All of these I agree with.

  2. I find this post offensive. You just went after all the easy targets (Justin Bieber? Come on, it's not controversial. There are at least 100 facebook groups making fun of him, hasn't it gotten old by now? Disney Channel is an elementary school affair. It's marketed towards age 11 and below. No one's making you listen to them or watch their shows. It's annoying that they make so much money, yeah, but blame it on the 7-year-olds.) Arnold Schwarzenegger is too busy governing California to care that you think he's "getting old". This comes off a little nasty for an anonymous person to another anonymous person to say, but, get over yourself. Saying you dislike these people is nothing new. You don't even need an explanation paragraph. You just come off as a whiney culture-hater. Like everyone else on the internet.

  3. @brownhair222 Um. I'm sorry that you find this offensive. . . ? Yes, it does sound rather "nasty" for anonymous–anonymous. I wasn't quite sure of your point here though. Were you trying to make me feel bad, or what? And please do tell me what a difficult target would be. I am genuinely interested.

  4. I'm saying that if you're gonna pretentiously title a post "Blindness in our society" you should complain about people who aren't harped on by every person on facebook, a heap of the media, and disdained by anyone besides horny guys and preteen girls. Society is not implying that Jessica Alba is a good actress honey.. that's something anyone can see. I'm just saying it comes off as awful snooty to list all the obviously dumb pop culture fixtures you deem yourself above. Complain about an overplayed song or like, a retarded politician or an unfunny sitcom star, that would be more insightful. You can do whatever you want though. I was just bored and felt like sayin'.

  5. One, don't end your statement like that. ("I was just bored and felt like saying'.") You aren't being pleasant and nonchalant, don't try to come off that way. Two, I really would appreciate if you would glance at the rest of the blog as this is one post that you disagree with and you will see that the rest of it is not "whiny culture hating," as you put it. Three, there really is no need to become condescending and vicious. It's just an opinion. It won't bite you. Four, a lot of people lash out at these celebrities just for the sake of being "different." So we gave some reasons. I doubt the celebrities are reading this, or anyone else for that matter, so I don't see why you care so much. We were just bored and felt like writing about this. I'm sorry it offends you.

  6. Don't turn the tables on me. You're the one who was being condescending. If you feel personally offended that I pointed out "Blindness in our society" is a pretentious title, really, I apologize. I have no problem with the rest of your blog. You have the right to put it on the internet, so therefore I have the right to offer my opinion. I found it browsing Blogspot, I don't actually care in the least. I've just seen one too many posts by people who think they're the shit for criticizing celebrities. Arf! I'm so vicious!
    p.s. I can end my statement as nonchalantlyyyyy as I wishh, aighht?

  7. Oh yes, I'm the one turning the tables. You obviously care enough to comment. If you think we should just keep our opinions to ourselves, why don't you keep YOUR opinion to yourself? That way you won't get into stupid internet fights over something as trivial as a BLOG POST.

  8. At least be glad someone commented. This blog is clearly unsuccessful and amateur at best.
    P.S. Brownhair22, we should get lunch.