Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Come in, Come in! We won't bite you until we know you better." - Anita, West Side Story (1961)

Buon Mercoledi!  (?)

The piano tuner is downstairs, he just played a little West Side Story medley, so I decided to make that my quote.  He's really good!  Bernstein, I've tried to play it, it's really hard.

Anna's post killed me, did it not kill you?  It most certainly murdered my soul.  Vorrei caprese, e cannoli, e tiramisu, e CANNOLI.  Those cannoli's look absolutely scrumpcious, can you disagree?  Doubt it.  Oh Anna I love you, but tuo abbatimento mi.  (I believe that is incorrect, but close enough.  Must be an american expression...)  I have no idea what to talk about today.  French food, to steal Anna's idea of stealing my idea by stealing Anna's idea? (non capisco, I know)  Maybe next time, I covered the basis two, three posts ago.

I STILL have not seen Where the Wild Things Are.  I WILL this week, I swear it.  Prometto, Prometto, Prometto. (Promise, Promise, Promise) I have to see Fame too.  Though the trailer hurts.  I'll go on about that some other day.  Aw merda.  I really require a cannoli right now.  Biscotti might suffice.  Or a croissant... I should go now before I make myself die of hunger.

Un bacio tutto e arrivederci,


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