Sunday, November 22, 2009

INTERNET STALKING (Not another "Importance of Internet Safety" speech)

What? Vivi didn't give me a topic to steal? I have to think of something to talk about on my own? Unheard of!
Kay, so the last post was kind of. . . sad. And in order to prove my love for you (and lack of love for blogs demonstrated in the previous post), I will deviate from the "this-is-my-opinion-and-if-you-don't-agree-with-it-I-will-kill-you-because-anything-different-from-my-opinion-is-awful-and-sacrilegious" path. I will also resist the urge to go "Ummm, I don't really know what to write about. . . so. . . .  yeah. . . *precedes to talk about everything around them in an ADD manner*. . ." I am making an effort to make this interesting! Hmmm. Okay, for starters, I'm getting off Facebook so that I can focus fully on not having a life. . . . OH! That gave me an idea! Today's blog is about (drum roll please!). . . . INTERNET STALKERS! Yay! Or. . . . not. . . .
Alright, so I kind of have some personal experience with this. Every day on Facebook I get about six friend requests from guys like "Muhammed" or "Farid", or some other intimidating middle-eastern dude with no mutual friends that would stick me in a burka and marry me because he thought my profile picture was cute-ish. (I prefer to embrace my political incorrectness, so please do not take offense.) But really, would you WANT to marry a girl that was stupid enough to friend a *much* older man despite his possible questionable motives? (Oooh, big words, be proud!) I mean, what do they expect? "OMG, a friend request!!! I'll accept because having lots of friends on Facebook really gets me farther in life, even if I have no idea who they are!!"? That's realistic. I know that this isn't technically stalking, since it's multiple people and they don't really talk to me, but it still feels like harassment.
Now, despite what I just said, I don't get all the hype about internet safety. I know some people that would have a heart attack if they knew that I told people I live in South Dakota and my name is Anna via blog. But, I honestly don't see why that would be a cause for freaking out. I get it if I said like my last name, my phone number, my address, or even my city, but not for my name and state. (Did I just call South Dakota my state? Lets pretend I didn't. . . ) A lot of the stuff that guest speakers drill into your brains throughout elementary school (and I think they might've even extended it to middle and high school. . . ) is unnecessary and slightly paranoid. And I already get paranoia from my mother at home, so I could do without it at school.
Here are some lovely stalker images for your enjoyment:

I don't mind. . . :)

Well that's intense. . .

Kay, this was kind of short. . . ish. . . er. . . than other posts, but whatever. I can't really think of anything else soooooo, ti amo!


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