Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"I see a man who has serious intentions, that's Levin; and I see a peacock, like this featherhead, who's only amusing himself." Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, Novel

Hello our fellow followers!  Or not... that's ... acceptable.  Please, please, please, follow us to show your support if you'd like us to go on blogging!  I was waiting for Anna to blog so I wouldn't seem... too obsessive.  But, clearly it's been a week and she has not.  So I'll have to take the reigns in this instance.  I went to the Met Museum today, pleasant.  I went on the Egypt gallery tours (admittedly not my favorite ancient, but interesting nonetheless)  I then went to the American Wing and looked at the period rooms.  Gorgeous, god, everything gorgeous.

But anyway, the quote.  I did not read the book.  I know, I'm sorry.  I saw the 1948 movie with Vivien Leigh directed by french director Julian Duvivier.  I thought it was fabulous.  Vivien Leigh's performance was brilliant as usual, but the directing was very inventive as well.  I can't really go into details through text, but it's a must-see.  So, if you get a chance, go do so.  I keep running out of things to talk about.  I got a new phone... how uninteresting is that.  But I'm taking full advantage of the full keyboard and considered typing this on it, but then I decided that would be stupid, then I would very likely lose it.  So I'm on my crappy dell inspiron laptop. You know what I hate?  All those useless notifications on facebook.  I'm sure four hundred people say this daily, but people tag me in things, and I don't even bother looking at them except I get all these useless notifications of people commenting on that.  Facebook is addicting, but a nuisance nonetheless.  This week was really ridiculous.  In a sort of good bad way... I really don't want this blog turning into a "this is what I did today" blog, like I said before, so I'll stay off of that.  Except I despise hypocrits I might be one myself for saying that, but god there's this girl...

Nevermind.  I'll stay off that.  I had a sabrett today, scrumpcious and cheap.  The definition of what food should be.  Well, now I'm babbling arn't I.

Un bacio i miei amici sconosciuti,


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  1. hi. i luv moviez n fod n stuf. itz cool how u blog abot them. iz anna gonna blog more 2. ive nvr been to ny. or th@ museum i dont rely lye art n im rely bad @ music n stufz. but i think itz cool how u n anna do th@. ya. i jus wnted 2 cmmntt. i lyke how u spk italian n all 2. bi. or ciao as u say.