Friday, October 16, 2009

Anna Here (Just Rambling) x]

Buon giorno world of internet stalkers and such!

It is Anna writing today (on my birthday!), proving that I am not a figment of Vivi's imagination! Haha. At least I don't think so. . . . Anyway, umm. What to write about?
Well, I was just saying today to Vivi that a lot of today's music is overrated. Like Green Day for example. Please hold the stampede of crazed fangirls for a second and hear me out. Several times while listening to their new songs I have thought, "Didn't this 'new single' come out last month?". I mean, to me (and Vivi), "21 Guns" sounds just like "Wake Me Up When September Ends". And that song was decently good ("Wake Me Up"), but not good enough to recreate over and over again. They were good in the beginning, but I think they need to except that they are not creative enough to continue producing more music. . . . Haha, that sounds really harsh. x]
Ok well, in order to stop this from turning into a full-blown rant, I'm going to stop now. Hehee, this is a lot shorter Vivi's but oh well!


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  1. I agree... Kind of. Their music is overrated but their music in the beginning was very much so worth listening too. But now- to put it blunty- they need to just sit down and look pretty. 'Cause that's all their good at anymore. Ouuuch. x]