Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gothic Lolita Obsession

Alohas! Yessss, one follower! We love you! Anyway, in order to follow my pattern of copying everything Vivi does (although we do have different things to say on the topics), I will talk about fashion. My clothes obsession du jour is the gothic lolita (nicknamed gothic loli, for future reference) street fashion that is growing in popularity in Japan. As scene/emo style is becoming more mainstream here (yes, I know, the midwest can be a bit slow. . . . okay, that's an understatement), I am giving up my colored skinny jeans and purple-streaked side bang-bob (well, as soon as my hair grows out anyway. . . ) for black lace, sweet ruffles, and long black hair. x]
For all of you who don't know what gothic loli is, please do not confuse what I am talking about with the street term "loli" or "lolita" (a prepubescent girl who is either sexually active or attracted to much older men). It is a fashion based off of the elegant victorian/gothic dress style, sweet, elegant dolls, and the idea of being cute over sexy (this is actually quite common in Japan as you can see with the popularity of Hello Kitty among adults). Sweet lolita is usually cute little dresses with lots of lace and bows or ruffly skirts with knee high socks. It is usually in red, white, pink, yellow, things like that. Gothic loli is just like that except in colors like black, purple, and red, with a more punk-ish edge and maybe a little higher platform mary janes. x]

Sweet Lolita:

This may look like a little girl's dress (which I guess is kinda the point), but it is tailored to fit a woman.

 Haha, well, this Japanese girl does look a little like a 12 year old.

Soooo cute. Looove the sweetheart neckline. :D Gah, that smiley doesn't work in this font.

Hey look! It's my name! XD This shows you more of the details of the dress. Are you sensing the key factors (bows, lace, ruffles. . .)? Haha, well I'll give you one more for good measure.

Okay, I think you get the idea.

Gothic Lolita:

Kind of looks like Victorian mourning clothing. Head dresses (smallish ones) are also popular.

Love this one. Except this is longer than the usual lolita skirts.

Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen?? (Well, except for you Vivi, darling. Love you!)

This one is super interesting. At first I wouldn't touch it (or click it, to be literal), but it's grown on me. I mean, look at the bottom. The ribbons may be a bit much, but still. And the sleeves. . . oh, I just love it. Excuse me as I'm at a loss for words for fashion. . . that's not shallow at all. . .

Well at least I don't have to worry about copyright infringement here. It's not like they STAMPED THEIR NAME ALL OVER THE IMAGE or anything.

[vivi fixed it showing up way under the image because it was pissing her off! - vivi]
[nevermind, won't work, damn it will have to continue to piss me off - vivi]

(Sorry if this showed up waaaay below the image, my computer's freaking out) Kay, so this doesn't look so good on the model, but try to get past it. The little hat thingy is pretty typical of this style. This is more of a Hot Topic looking dress with the chains and all.

I give full credit to the girl on Etsy.com who made this. I LOOOOOVE it and am attempting to recreate it myself, despite my lack of ability to sew. Unfortunately, I don't have 200 something dollars to blow on this (it comes with the dress, not the girl x[ Haha)

The front of another awesome Etsy creation.

The back of the image above. No not directly above you idiot, above above. Sheesh. x]

The Accessories:

Aww, such a sweet little umbrella.

Oh my god. . . . . this lace. . . . *licks picture*

Sweet lace head dress thingy. Wonder how it attaches. . . ?

Haha Vivi, please excuse this. I think you may be a little tired of my corset obsession. Next time I don't like your topic, maybe I'll post something on corsets just to spite you! Muhahaha! Ti amo, mi amore! <3

This is probably going to be too much with all the frivolous (but still lovable) little details on the dresses, but still adorable.

Platform Mary Janes. 'Nuff said.

I could put sooooo much more on here, but I doubt this blog format thing has the space for it, and I know  I don't have the time. If you're interested in this kind of stuff or just plain bored (since a lot of this is really quite entertaining), look up "gothic lolita" or "sweet lolita".

Love you guys that don't exist!

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  1. The picture of the bustle jacket. You say it's on etsy, but do you have a name? I'm interested in something like this.