Friday, October 16, 2009

Blathering Away

Hello world. Whoever is unfortunate enough to read this. I was thinking the other day, I love to write, I have an unfortunate lot to say. Isn't that what blogging is for? So, Anna and I are going to start a blog. (I being Violetta, or ViVi if preferable.) Here we will review movies (I am a complete movie-buff, so please bear with me.), give views on books, TV shows (maybe), food, music (from opera to this new found Justin Beiber, proving this centuries complete lack of taste, I mean he's a little white boy who can't even sing and does some invention of... I won't get into that now, make you hate me later.) So, that is all for today. Perhaps I'll have something of more interest in the future. Oh. I will mostly be talking about the New York/Northern New Jersey suburbs area. Anna was forced against her will to relocate from here to South Dakota. So, those will be the focus of what we talk about. Though, I'm likely writing to myself. I figure hey if I don't have any friends in "real life" at least I might be popular over the internet! We're both of Italian descent, (among other things, but that is the most important, well to me at least) and are attempting to become fluent. So if I throw in bits of Italian, mi scusi, just use a translator. That's most likely where I get most of it from. (Not all, I swear.) Oh, and just for the record. My name is pronounced: Vee-o-leh-tta (not da, no jersey t's, t, I'm very specific about my pronunciation, mi scusi for being a snob.)

Ti amo e Ciao,


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