Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Modern music is as dangerous as cocaine" Pietro Mascagni (1863 - 1945)

I blogged yesterday, and I know this is beginning to seem obsessive, judging by out fabulously high number of followers this must be DEFINITELY necessary.  I, am a harpist.  I just wanted to express my outrage at this:  .  Now, the Israel Competition is the biggest competition for harpist, I'm not eligible yet.  But, we get ready for 2+ years practicing 3+ hours a day.  That is just horrible.  Imagine that, whatever you do.  The biggest competition, you've been getting ready for 2 years practicing 4 hours a day.  You are on of the three finalists.  You know you will receive some sort of award.  Poised as they announced third, not you, second, not you.  You are so happy!  You won!  You know it!  Then they announce.  There will be no first place this year.  You have won nothing.  You aren't up to "their standards" that is bullshit.  First place should be the best of the contestants in the current competition.  They might not be the same level as the ones in prior competition but so what?! (if you haven't noticed I believe italics to express rage a lot more than CAPITALS.  Though, you must LOVE THEM BOTH.) Regardless.  So put your heart out to Emily Levin (that sounded sappy), but just imagine yourself in her shoes.

I apologize.  Just playing the crazy harpist.

Anna's an opera singer so she understands.  Recommended you follow procedure and, well, at least pretend you give a fudgling.  Excuse my saves.  They include:

sh*t or schroomburger
f*ck or fudgling, fudge, fledgling
hell or health food

etc., etc., I like that etc.,etc. thing as you might figure, as I believe I've used it in EVERY POST.  Oh, favorite modern movies.  I guess movies are the topic of the week.  It's get to know us week!

everything Anna listed, except Star Trek.  Haven't seen it but hate the classics but love the actors, so the new one must be blasphemy.  Though I am not a Star Trek nerd, I apologize.  Do I make it up by being a Harry Potter dork (the books) ?

just putting it out there... I HATE MY "FRIENDS" (not Anna, love her to pieces.)

now for the movies.

Modern (ish)
Donnie Darko (2001)
Something About Mary (1998) I'm sorry, it's funny, in it's own... screwed up way.
The Notebook (2004) yes, you may shoot me now.  It's really well done though.  No but, it's really sweet, too.  I read the book and, yes argue, but I liked the movie better....

Don Juan DeMarco (1994) such a lost treasure.  Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando.  How can you pass that up? Actually, my favorite of his movies, next being...
Chocolat (2000)
Titanic (1997)
Finding Neverland (2004)
Sophie's Choice (1982) this one is brilliant.  Just brilliant.  I was sobbing throughout, Meryl Streep is just... uh! (a happy sort of sigh, not anything sexual thank you)
Doubt (2008) Streep again, genius.
The Reader (2008) dark but BRILLIANT, JUST BRILLIANT. That's all I say about these, but it really is. I love how they give you the other side.  You never get the other side in Holocaust movies. I understand why, there isn't any excuses for their side, but see this.  If you see any of these see this and Sophie's Choice.  For comic relief, Don Jaun DeMarco.

And many, many, many more.  I apologize that all of those have Johnny Depp in them or Kate Winslet, or Meryl Streep, and are mostly Oscar nominations.  But the Oscar committee has good taste, no kidding.  Though Revolutionary Road... I liked it the first time.  The second time I though, why did I like this.  Leo and Kate are great, obviously.  But she... the ending happens, and it doesn't feel like it was for anything.  Though definitely see it.  Just don't have your expectations too high.  Before you ask about Slumdog Millionaire, yes I liked it.  Not my top list.  I'm sorry, doesn't cut it.  So, I thought this would be short.  My rants become, well this. 

Ah.  This massage chair hurts so bad.  And this laptop is LITERALLY burning me.  Shi... Schroomburger.

Ti amo e ciao,


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  1. OH MY GOD THAT POOR GIRL. What the fledgling or whatever is their problem!!! She spent over 2 years working on it for NOTHING.